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Real Estate News for Dublin CA

  Dublin CA Market UpdateThe Bay Area is projected to lead the U.S. for home price gains in 2017 according to Realtor.com’s 2017 National Housing forecast. Nationally home prices are forecast to grow by 3.9%. Western states are projected to lead the market at 5.8%. Home price gains in San Francisco and San Jose are expected to be double the national rate at 8.41% and 8.26% respectively. The TriValley should fall somewhere in the 6-7% range in most cities. In 2016, home price appreciation in the TriValley was 7%. Inventory  increased by 11% but the number of homes sold dipped by 3%. Housing affordability has become an issue. As home prices increase, some buyers will be priced out of the market. Interest rates have been fluctuating between 4.125 and 4.5% over the last couple of months. Most analysts are predicting the interest rate will be 5% by the end of the year. Buyers are definitely out shopping for homes. Last weekend open houses were very busy. I think we will see a very robust spring market this year as buyers try to get ahead of the next interest rate increase.

Dublin CA Home Improvement Tips

Dublin Ranch Home Improvement Tips

Most Home Remodeling Jobs in Dublin Projected to Pay Back in 2017

improve Dublin CA Home Improvement TipsAre you considering remodeling your home this year?  According to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report you can expect a good return on your investment in our area for most projects.

I am about to start on the remodel of my 2 bathrooms. Since we are never sure how long we will be in our current home, it’s good to know how much the resale value of our improvements will be. I have met lots of sellers over the years who thought they were in the home for the long haul and ended up moving. They got a new job, retired early, their family changed in some way or they moved closer to be with their extended family.

If you live in an older home, the number one project is attic insulation at 179%. Next is garage door replacement at $158%. New windows are another project with high return on investment at 112%.

In any home if you are thinking of a major kitchen remodel you can expect 106% and a minor remodel to return 147%. That number make me feel great since I did a minor kitchen remodel last year in my home. It had a huge impact on my home and now I see it will also pay for itself.

Now for the bathrooms. A mid-range bathroom remodel should return 117% of your investment. If you go high end, it will return 94%. It pays to carefully consider how much you want to do. Balancing the look you want without going overboard gives you the best return.

I was surprised to see that adding a patio only returned 88%. I know the yard makes a big difference to buyers. We always stage the patio of our listings. Since we have such great weather people like to have a backyard where they can spend time with family and friends.

Here is a good one. Entry door replacement. I know it makes a difference when you walk up to the house. Buyers don’t mention it like they do the kitchen and bathroom remodeling but it definitely impacts their first impression. First impressions are everything in real estate. It should return 132% on the investment.

If you want to look up any other home remodeling project, follow the link and see what your return on investment will be. The report has some very detailed descriptions. Also, if you need a contractor, we can refer you to one.

Happy 2017!

Mia & Beverly

Dublin CA Home Tips

Holiday Season Insurance Claims

cfire Dublin CA Home TipsWho knew there were seasonal insurance claims? According to Franklin Mutual Insurance the following claims are most prevalent during the Holidays.

1. Fire. Christmas Trees, turkey fryers, candles, fireplaces, electric heaters and even wrapping paper. Unplug lights, turn off ovens and heaters, never leave a lit candle unattended and fry the turkey outside a safe distance from the house.

2. Burst pipes Set your thermostat at 55 degrees when you are headed out of town to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. We don’t fall below freezing very often in Dublin. However, it’s a good idea to have your default low temperature programed at 55 degrees. Then if you are out of town, you won’t have to worry.

3. Damage caused by outdoor decorations. A good wind is all it takes for that snowman to become a dangerous projectile. Make sure your outdoor lights and décor are properly secured and tethered. This one in particularly important in Dublin where wind is common.

4. Theft. Keep you lights on timers, have a neighbor collect you mail and avoid piling up empty gift boxes outside your home. These are red flags to thieves that you are not home.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Mia and Beverly Team

Dublin Ranch Homeowners Tips

Four Appliances That Need a Cleaning

  Dublin Ranch Homeowners TipsOccasionally cleaning household appliances like stoves and refrigerators may seem obvious, but what about equipment that does the cleaning, like the dishwasher and washing machine? Give these often overlooked appliances a deep clean with the following tips before the holidays have them working overtime.

Unclog the dishwasher. The cleaner the dishwasher, the cleaner your dishes will turn out after going through a wash cycle. Take a moment to clean the dishwasher’s filter, usually located on the inside bottom of the machine. This detachable filter becomes clogged with food and debris over time, so empty it out regularly to keep it working efficiently.

Descale the dishwasher. As you know we have very hard water in Dublin and hard water causes build up in your dishwasher.  Every few months I run a cycle with 2 cups of white vinegar. Pour the vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher. Run a normal cycle but stop it in the middle of the wash cycle before it drains and let the vinegar sit for 20 minutes. Then restart the dishwasher and let it complete the cycle. You can turn off heated dry for this process.

De-gunk your garbage disposal. Use a natural abrasive combo of ice and salt to loosen grime from the blades. Though it will be loud, run the disposal until the ice is gone. When finished, you can grind up a lemon or lime wedge to deodorize the drain. I have never done this but am going to try it. I know there is gunk in there.

Give your washing machine a wash. Hosting out-of-towners during the holiday season? Avoid musty bedding and towels by sanitizing the machine and removing mildew buildup every few months. To do this, run a hot wash cycle without a load and add one cup of bleach to the soap dispenser or directly into the machine. Because of our hard water, it would be a good idea to run a hot water cycle with a gallon of white vinegar a month or so after the bleach cycle.

Tune up your clothes dryer. Remove the filter and vacuum out the area under the filter with the narrow attachment of your vacuum hose. Wipe down the interior of the dryer with a damp cloth including the door seal. Detach the dryer lint duct and vacuum it out. Check the outside vent to make sure there isn’t any debris or lint blocking the vent, preventing air from escaping freely. If you notice that clothes are taking longer to dry, you may need to have a professional clean out the vent. Mia had that problem last year. Call us! We have a guy who can clean it for you..

Want to keep your appliances working hard for you? Give them regular attention and their own cleaning now and then.

Happy Holidays!

Mia & Beverly Team

Dublin Ranch News

Dublin Rotary Donates over 60 Bicycles

 Dublin Ranch NewsThe Rotary Club of Dublin started their bike project last year. We donated 30 bicycles to local children in need. This year the project doubled in size and Rotary is donating over 60 bikes.
Valley High School and Dublin High School students were enlisted to help with the assembly of the bikes on Thursday and Friday last week.  It was a truly inspiring day for all who participated. A group of local business people and high school students coming together to provide a brighter holiday for so many children.

The bicycles come from China and are manufactured by Micgari. They are shipped to a port near Los Angeles. This program has existed in Los Angeles for many years and they have successfully donated hundreds of bikes to deserving families. Micgari continues to provide the bikes at their cost. Ron Mazur and Janine Thalblum of Dublin Rotary head up our local program.

Dublin Unified School District elementary schools were notified of the project and asked to identify deserving students that would benefit from this program. The bikes will be distributed on December 16 to the lucky recipients.

Dublin Rotary will be providing food donations to need local families this holiday season as well. It is a great organization and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Happy Holidays!


Mia & Beverly Team