Dublin Ranch Drought Actions

Dublin Ranch Drought Actions Effective May 6

Limits, Alternatives, Violations, and Penalties-  Dublin Ranch

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The Dublin San Ramon Water District met on May 5 and issued the following drought actions to conserve water and reduce consumption by 25%:
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Drought Conditions in Dublin Ranch

Dublin Ranch Drought Conditions

 5% Reduction for Households in Dublin Ranch

California drought MGN Drought Conditions in Dublin Ranch

The Dublin City Council unanimously passed a resolution issuing a State of Emergency in the City of Dublin because of extreme drought conditions. Dublin San Ramon Services District has received 80% of its water from the State Water Project (SWP) in the past. SWP will not provide any water this year. All of our water will come from ground water storage and Lake Del Valle.  The water agency is asking for a 40% reduction in water used for irrigation and a 5% reduction in household use.
The State of Emergency will be reviewed monthly and remain in place until the City Council decides the situation has improved enough.

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