Why are Investors Purchasing Rental Properties in Dublin Ranch

Dublin Ranch Investors Taking Advantage of Rising Rents

Rentals on schedule to go up 7% in Dublin Ranch

rental 300x199 Why are Investors Purchasing Rental Properties in Dublin RanchThe answer is simple. Rents continue to rise. In 2015 rents in the Bay Area were up an average of 9.5% with Alameda County showing the largest increase at 11.2%. In 2016 it is predicted that rents will go up an additional 7%. There are not very many places where you can invest with these high of returns; certainly not the stock market.

Demand for rental properties is huge. When the home is listed for rent at market value or a little above, multiple people will want to rent it. The properties need to be in excellent condition and updated to attract the best renters.

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