Buying From a Builder in Dublin?

builder Buying From a Builder in Dublin?If you are considering purchasing a new home in Dublin in the future, the next 2.5 months may be an opportunity for you. The traffic for the builders has slowed down. Homes are not selling as they planned. They continue to build homes because it is what they do. Crews have been hired that need to be kept busy. Materials have been delivered.

How can you use this to your advantage? As we get closer to the end of the year, the builders need to sell the homes they have already built. In order to accomplish this, they will start offer more incentives in the form of credits for closing costs or upgrades. We have seen some standing inventory in some new developments already. In addition, builders have been sending emails to agents offering additional commission if we bring our buyers in and they purchase a home.

Mia and I can help you with your new home purchase. Remember to call us if you are interested in purchasing a new home prior to visiting the model home office. The sales agents want realtors to bring our clients in so they give us more information than a buyer walking into the office on their own. We can negotiate incentives and guide you through the process.